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Circuit Clerk
  1. Question: What do I need to bring to get a driving permit?
    Answer: You will need your Social Security card and your birth certificate.

  2. Question: How much is a driver's license renewal?
    Answer: The cost for renewal is $20.

  3. Question: How can I find out if I'm on the Court docket?
    Answer: Go to the Circuit Court Clerk's web site at

  4. Question: How do I enroll in state traffic school?
    Answer: Request to be enrolled when you pay court costs, and you will be notified by Frankfort.

  5. Question: Where may I attend state traffic school?
    Answer: You may choose from the list sent to you by Frankfort. Currently, the cities of Campbellsville, Bardstown or Vine Grove are the closest to LaRue County.

  6. Question: What days are driver's road tests given?
    Answer: The designated times are available at the Circuit Court Clerk's web site at

  7. Question: Where may I find information about the "Trust for Life" Organ Donation program?
    Answer: Information about the program are available at the Circuit Court Clerk's web site at

Recycling/Solid Waste Department    [ back to top ]
  1. Question: Who will pick up my garbage and how do I contact them?
    Answer: For the City of Hodgenville, the hauler is Allied Waste Industries, Inc. (270-737-5221). For LaRue County, the hauler is Waste Transport Services, LLC (270-234-9278).

  2. Question: What am I allowed to burn?
    Answer: You are allowed to burn branches, leaves and brush. When planning a controlled burn, please call a dispatcher at 270-358-9876, and let them know prior to burning.

  3. Question: What can be recycled in LaRue County?
    Answer: Plastics Nos. 1-7 with a neck smaller than the base, cardboard/paperboard, office paper (MOP), newspapers, and metal/aluminum cans can be recycled.

  4. Question: Does my trash have to put in trash bags?
    Answer: Yes! Local and state laws require all solid waste to be properly stored/contained prior to disposal.

  5. Question: Can I do anything about my neighbor and all his/her junk cars and/or trash?
    Answer: There is a nuisance ordinance for both the city and the county. For more details or to lodge a complaint, contact the Solid Waste Coordinator.

Road Department    [ back to top ]
  1. Question: How do I get a driveway/entrance installed, and who pays for it?
    Answer: Call the Road Supervisor He will look at the site and tell you the size of tile needed. The land owner purchases the tile, and the county installs and covers it with rock on the right-of-way.

  2. Question: A road name or stop sign is missing. Who do I report it to?
    Answer: Report it to the Road Supervisor. He will send out a sign crew to repair or replace the problem. It is important to report a missing name/stop sign as soon as possible. Emergency personnel rely on them.

  3. Question: What is the right-of-way on a county road?
    Answer: On most county roads, it is 15 feet from the center of the road. On newly adopted county roads or in subdivisions, it is 20 feet from the center of the road.

  4. Question: Why do you spread rock on a paved road?
    Answer: It is called chip seal. We spray a coat of oil on the road and cover it with rock. This is done to seal the cracked areas from water and freezing which damage the roadway.

  5. Question: My mailbox/driveway is rutted or muddy. What do I do?
    Answer: Call and report it to the Road Supervisor. We will place rock around the mailbox or in the driveway to the right-of-way.

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